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United Studio is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia. We conceptualise and realise commercial, retail, hospitality and institutional and residential projects locally, nationally and internationally. 


Our typical projects include:


Retail, commercial and hospitality interiors

Architectural design

National branding programs

Brand and wayfinding signage 


One of the things that makes our studio a little different is that we disregard traditional boundaries between various design disciplines. We are quite comfortable moving between architecture, industrial, interior and graphic design. 


We believe this is our greatest advantage as we are able to create environments for our clients that are considered from many viewpoints. The rationalism of architectural planning and the emotive nature of graphics and colour are developed as part of the same process.


We believe this approach, in an age of brands, is critical when creating a cohesive ‘brand experience’ - whether that be for customers, staff or stakeholders. An understanding of brand strategy and brand personalities and how they can be expressed in tangible material ways in order to create an emotive response is central to our work philosophy.

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