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St John Urgent Care

St John Urgent Care is a somewhat new type of service in the healthcare space. Designed to reduce the pressure on the public health hospital system by providing similar services in a smaller, more urban setting.

Our intent was to position St John’s Urgent Care Centres as a trusted public health service – much as they are known for their Ambulance Services – which suggested a move towards a more generic ‘public service’ tone of voice. Something using plain language and clearly recognisable international icons that would position St John as trusted public healthcare provider, connected to their community. These were combined with panels of bold colour which created focal points within the signage and made navigation of the spaces more intuitive.

Universal design principles were used throughout with heavy use of braille, raised characters, colour and iconography. 

05 SJUCC Midland photog tbc.jpg
02 SJUCC Midland David Smith.JPG
06 SJUCC Midland photog tbc.jpg
08 SJUCC Midland photog tbc.jpg
03 SJUCC Midland David Smith.JPG
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